Lost Cartridge Games

We design games that look and feel as if they could've been made during the golden era. Come in and say hi!


Press-related questions?

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We just launched this website, so we’ll be filling this section out a bit more over the upcoming days. For now, here’s some info about the team.

Core team members:

  • quackgyver
  • toadstone
  • J.S. “Dudesoft” Longstreet

Supporting team members:

  • Richard “Medieve” Tran
  • Mei “mkkmypet” Krusz
  • Jasmin “Nessiah” Toral
  • Aaron “FungusTrooper” Demner
  • Eric Wycoff
  • Jamie Sime
  • Eric “cboyardee” Shumaker


  • brentalfloss
  • Alexander Brandon
  • Jake “virt” Kaufman

Need anything?
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