Astro 52 Jam

The annual game jam where you create a game in the style of an 8-bit multicart game.

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The annual game jam where we create- and bundle bizarre multicart video games.

The Astro 52 Jam is an annual game jam where each participant creates an 8-bit-styled game that emulates the eccentricities of an unlicensed '90s multicart game.

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Much like the original multicarts of the '90s, your game can be riddled with bugs and bad gameplay. The more unconventional and bizarre your game is, the more likely it is to feel like a multicart game.

Looking for help, want to share your progress or just want to socialize while working on your game? Feel free to join our community Discord chat!

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By the end of the jam, you can choose to have your game included in the browser-based Astro 52 multicart. If your game is compatible, we'll deploy it via HTML 5.

You can opt into having your game featured when submitting your game.

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Astro 52 Jam 2021

Get all of August to create a game in the style of a bizarre unlicensed '90s 8-bit multicart game.


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