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About Astrojone

Astrojone is a game design studio that creates Lost Cartridge Games - i.e. retro-inspired games based on the principles used to create popular franchises in the '80s, '90s and 2000s - all wrapped in the aesthetics of the same platforms.

The studio was founded on the belief that since everything is a product of its time, bygone games can be analyzed and mined for their unique design choices and thematic elements.

In short:

  • International retro game design studio.
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Active since 2005.
  • 1 game released: Payroll.
  • Current projects: Zoo Saga and Buck & Miles.
  • 20+ team members, collaborators and contributors.
  • Managed by quackgyver.


Payroll thumbnail


A 20-minute Windows 95-looking office simulation.

Zoo Saga thumbnail

Zoo Saga

An RPG about a guy in a zoo having adventures with a rat.

Buck & Miles thumbnail

Buck & Miles

A two-player platformer inspired by classic games.



Astrojone is founded as a one-person indie game design studio, primarily creating experimental games.


Astrojone's "Lost Cartridge Design"-mission statement and community are formed.


Astrojone begins development of the still-ongoing retro platformer Buck & Miles.


The Windows 95-inspired office simulator Payroll is released.


The mock retro operating system and game Astrojone OS and Kyoto 437 are released.


The first annual Lost Cartridge Jam was launched, becoming one of the most popular game jams on


The second annual Lost Cartridge Jam was hosted.


The first annual Astro 52 Jam was hosted.


More exciting things coming in 2021...

In the media

Payroll, a game that simulates both the excitement of working in an office building, and the thrill of running Windows 95, complete with 640x480 pixel resolution and sound effects ripped from an Adlib sound card.

Laura Hudson,

There is no better way to unwind from a hard day at the office than by turning on the ol' PC and booting up Payroll so you can pretend to be putting in a hard day at another office.

Joel Couture,

Killer soundtrack

Jason Schreier,

I'm genuinely keen to boot this up.

Shaun Prescott,

Against a Seinfield-esque MIDI soundtrack, fetch and carry errands never felt so damned enjoyable.

Joe Donnelly,

With its jaunty MIDI background tune, hideously rendered motivational posters dotting the walls, and AltaVista web searches on blocky PCs, Payroll is worth taking a bit of your own check to experience.

Brittany Vincent,


The Astrojone logo is available in variations of light and dark, as well as in symbol format.



Zoo Saga

Buck & Miles

Astrojone OS

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