Buck & Miles

Coming around 2025

A two-player platformer inspired by classic games. Play through 100 levels across 10 worlds, either in single player or with a friend.

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Buck & Miles is a tribute to the platformer games that we all grew up with, and an attempt to bring back the core of what made them so fun. The game spans over 100 levels and offers the kind of collectables, bonuses, unlockables and secrets that only classic franchises used to offer. 

The aim of Buck & Miles is not to reinvent the genre, but to offer people who grew up playing these types of games a chance to discover a new title that brings out the essence of what made them classics. 


  • Music by Alexander Brandon and brentalfloss. 
  • 100 levels, 10 worlds, 8 powerups, 2 protagonists. 
  • A boardgame-like overworld map with minigames and chance events. 
  • Single- or simultaneous multiplayer. 
  • Set for release on most mainstream platforms, including smartphones and tablets, with priority given to Windows, OSX, Android and iOS (if approved).
  • Mix-and-match powerups to find your favorite combination. 
  • Transform into animals by eating magic falafel.

The game is currently estimated to be released in 2025. In the meantime, feel free to support us by joining our Discord chat.

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