Astro 52 Jam 2021

Get all of August to create a game in the style of a bizarre unlicensed '90s 8-bit multicart game.

The annual Astro 52 Jam: Get all of August to create a game in the style of a bizarre unlicensed '90s 8-bit multicart game.

Create your own unconventional 8-bit muliticart game. There's no limit to how bizarre you can make your game. Bugs? Glitches? No problem, because those are all staples of the classic multicart experience.

We also have a Discord community chat for players and developers who want to connect, make games and play games.

The chat can also be used to help game jam participants form or find a team.

Not a requirement, but If you have the ability to export your game to HTML5, we can include your game on the browser-based Astro 52 cart!

Join the jam!

This game jam started 5 days ago, and you still have 4 weeks left before the jam ends.


  • Style In order to be true to the original multicart experience, your game should if possible be stylized like an 8-bit game (e.g. a NES game).
  • Platform This isn't a requirement, but if you export your game as an embeddable HTML5-game (and if you consent to it when submitting your game) we will bundle your game as a browser-based multicart experience.
  • Assets All assets that are bundled with the game should ideally be original assets made by you or your team.
  • Time Once the game jam start has been announced, you're free to start developing your game. From that point on you have the entire month of August to finish and submit it.
  • Submission When your game is done, please submit it via the game jam-page.
  • Judgement This is a collaborative for-fun jam, which means that it does not have a competitive aspect. There will be no judging and no prizes, as the focus of the jam will instead be to create a multicart together.
  • Legal You retain the right to your game, and you're not required to share any assets or source code with others. We might use screenshots- or footage from your game to promote the jam, and we might (with your consent) bundle your game with other submissions to create a browser-based multicart experience.


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