Zoo Saga

An RPG about a guy in a zoo having adventures with a rat.

Coming soon to Windows, macOS and possibly Linux, iOS and Android - Zoo Saga is a comedic adventure RPG created in the retro style of the Game Boy Advance. Drawing inspiration from titles such as Earthbound, Pokémon, Zelda and Monkey Island, Zoo Saga puts you in the shoes of naive protagonist Perry Jones - a zookeeper of the Chimney Park Zoo. After the disappearance of the esteemed Ape King, Perry is tasked with uncovering a kidnapping plot, and eventually a tangled thread of mystery and conspiracy that threatens to unravel the very existence of the zoo itself. 

Along the way Perry teams up with a cast of unique characters, all with their own individual skills and talents that come into play as they traverse the many microcosms of the Chimney Park Zoo together; the unapologetically selfish anti-hero Rance the Rat, the brave and idealistic Marcus the Boar, survivalist extraordinaire Wilson the Raccoon and last but not least the mysterious Skelly the Skeleton - as well as many other colorful personalities that populate the world of Zoo Saga.

Explore. Solve puzzles. Take out the trash. Collect bugs. Battle them! Hack the Lizardverse. 

All this and more, in Zoo Saga.

All the deets: 

  • Platforms: Windows and macOS - and possibly Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Keyboard- and gamepad support.
  • GBA-styled audio and graphics.
  • Item, puzzle- and adventure game progression.
  • Accessing hidden worlds through secondary characters.
  • Mini games: Bugbattle, farming, beauty pageant, egg collecting- and hatching and more.
  • Treasure chests and secrets.
  • Optional areas and quests.
  • A rich story taking you through the zoo and beyond!
Zoo Saga GIF animation of a Bugbattle
Zoo Saga GIF animation of Perry talking to someone else

Zoo Saga GIF animation of Perry in the Gift Shop
Zoo Saga GIF animation of Perry using a switch
Zoo Saga GIF animation of Perry talking to the Fishboys


Perry Jones

Zoo Saga clipart of Perry
  • Profession: Zookeeper
  • Home: Chimney Park Zoo
  • Personality: Custodian
  • Favorite thing: Sounds good
  • Talent: Bugbattle

Having grown up in the zoo, Perry knows little about the outside world, but everything about the world contained within the walls. Ever since he was a boy, he worked hard, honestly and loyally, to prove himself and show his dedication, wanting only to live up to the title of Zokeeper. He cleans up the mess. He takes out the trash. He will stop at nothing to help others in need, even at his own expense. Clueless and naive, perhaps, too easy to trust, but the people Perry meet can rarely resist the charm of his ceaseless optimism and contagious selflessness. Now the opportunity arises for Perry to show his dedication once more. 

Rance the Rat

Zoo Saga clipart of Rance
  • Profession: Rat
  • Home: ???
  • Personality: Doesn't care
  • Favorite thing: Cheese, betraying anyone who places their trust in him
  • Talent: Ratway Access

Rance has a bad reputation around the zoo, and it's hard earned. He has a long history of betraying his friends the moment an opportunity arises to trade in their trust for even a single slice of cheese. Somewhere deep inside there's an echo of a conscience, but it's often drowned out by the much louder din of his lust for cheese. As opposed to the rest of the party, Rance is intimately familiar with the Underzoo, and it could be speculated that he was either born and raised there, or at least spent a large part of his life there. Perhaps because its disgusting nature speaks to his personality? 

Marcus the Boar

Zoo Saga clipart of Marcus
  • Profession: Royal Hog
  • Home: Warthog Kingdom
  • Personality: Virtuous
  • Favorite thing: Honesty
  • Talent: Strength

Marcus is a noble hog of royal lineage, and a good friend of the Warthog King. As such, he holds great power and influence, yet knows very little about the world outside of the noble courts. After being wrongly accused for the disappearance of the Royal Salt Lick - and feeling indebted to Perry for clearing his name - he teams up with Perry and his friends to see a world outside of the insular Warthog Kingdom, and to find a greater destiny for himself. 

Wilson the Raccoon

Zoo Saga clipart of Wilson
  • Profession: Survivalist
  • Home: The Afterzoo
  • Personality: Distrustful
  • Favorite thing: Duct tape
  • Talent: Lizardverse Access

Wilson is the leader of the Raccoon Compound (or as much of a leader as you can be to a group of self-serving raccoons who have walled themselves off from the rest of society to live in a junkyard and wait out the end of the world). Some might say that Wilson is crazy, but - in his words - he just likes to be prepared. After all, you never know when things might go wrong, and the junkyard provides everything the raccoons could ever need. Perry convinces him that you can't always hide away from your problems, and sometimes you need to step out of your compound and face the real world, and maybe find out that reality is not so bad after all. 

Skelly the Skeleton

Zoo Saga clipart of Skelly
  • Profession: ???
  • Home: ???
  • Personality: ???
  • Favorite thing: ???
  • Talent: ???

Not much is known about Skelly the Skeleton. Quiet, unassuming; also a skeleton, which makes it difficult for her to connect with people. Skelly often prefers the company of animals, but she establishes a special connection with Perry and over time, eventually comes to trust him. She wanders the grounds of the zoo searching for her lost memories in the hope of finding the person she once was. 

And introducing:

Zoo Saga clipart of Hamantha


Zoo Saga screenshot of Perry looking in his fridge
Zoo Saga screenshot from the intro
Zoo Saga screenshot of Perry talking to Crispen
Zoo Saga screenshot of a Bugbattle transition
Zoo Saga screenshot of Perry navigating a rocky pathway

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